Enjoy all the benefits of being a Starter AQ Partner

This plan includes: 

  • 10 Assessments/Month or 120 Assessments/Year (Worth $650/$7800).
  • Additional assessments priced at $25 (RRP of $65).
  • AQ At Your Side (Worth $597).
  • AQ Report Interpretation Accelerator (Worth $397).

AQ At Your Side ™

Access to a master practitioner for 1 hour, to support you in a report interpretation directly with you and your client. (individual or team).


1. The confidence you have the support of founding experts in your important client debriefing or pitch events.
2. Add value to your clients or businesses insights gained from AQ data.
3. Build deeper credibility with clients.

AQ Report Interpretation Accelerator ™

A personal 1-hour session with our co-founder and master trainer, Ross Thornley to go through the report together. Expanding your insights and ability to deliver deeper value to your client.


1. Begin to build narration and real-life examples to expand the feedback value.
2. Increase your chances of follow on work and upsells.
3. Learn the process of gaining deeper insights from AQ data.


A treasure trove of AQ nuggets

Ira Wolfe - Success Performance Solutions

"It's one thing reading the descriptions, but hearing Ross's intentions behind each dimension, humanizes the AQai experience. After 25 years in the assessment business, it's the examples and stories we can share with clients that turn just another quiz or "test" into a life guide individuals and managers can use ...and Ross offered example after example".

I delivered an impactful workshop

Nancy Watt - Nancy Watt Communications

“Ross has been doing this for years. As a main architect of AQ, his knowledge and intuitive understanding of where the Microsoft team landed on their AQ Team Assessment was invaluable to me. I delivered an impactful workshop and debrief to the team as a result of my private session with Ross.”


  • Can I include more assessments in my subscription plan?

    Yes, each subscription has an assessment discount code of up to 70%. The Starter subscription can purchase more assessments at $25/ assessments.

  • Is the Partner Portal access included?

    Yes you will have access to a separate subscription-only section within the Partners Portal.

  • How can I upgrade my subscription plan?

    Email Partner Success at partnersuccess@aqai.io, and we will can change your subscription with 30 days notice.

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    Yes, after the initial minimum 3 month term, you can cancel anytime with 30 days notice.

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